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Handicraft Shops Nepal is the website owned by Samyak International Pvt Ltd. We normally deal with all kinds of handicrafts and goods that are found and made in Nepal. Our main goal here at Handicraft shops Nepal is to provide our customers with High Quality Unique Handmade Nepalese Handicraft at reasonable Prices.

We are able to provide you with Great Prices by cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with the artisan’s themselves. So essentially, by buying from us you are promoting a Better Quality of Life for Artisans whom depend on selling their work to provide for their families.

When you purchase from Handicraft shops nepal you join a network that enables village artisans to stay on their land and with their families. They don’t have to leave for weeks at a time to work at far away factories. These artisans can now support their families, improve village economics, and strength then the economic position for artisans and gender equality through this process of direct trade and fair prices.

In this partnership, Nepal artisans express their artistic talents and spur their creativity is developing unique lines of craft accessories. This empowers them to conserve their cultural traditions in a financially viable way. Their creative freedom allows us to provide unique and high quality hand crafted items to you. At the deepest essence, our mission is to create a direct link between you and the many talented artisans in Nepal.


Handicraft shops nepal support and promote handmade nepali product. We only sell our products from suppliers who source products from local artists, communities and craftsmen. We believe that producers should be representative of the religions and communities of the area and both male and female craftsmen are employed through the various stages of production.

Handicraft Shops Nepal believe that education is critical to any community. As such child labor is not tolerated. we visit the producers that we work with regularly to inspect production conditions and to maintain personal relationships with the craftsmen. We aim to ensure that products are made from sustainable and legal raw materials through carefully chosen suppliers. All shipping materials should be recyclable. We aim to recycle and re-use wherever possible and are supplied with green energy.

Private labelling, bar code, sticker printing and cardboard box packing.

Drop shipping

Customization of products. You can add your own logos, or special designs.

Guaranteed exchange, refund and return, in case of dissatisfaction.

Processing of bulk orders all around the year.

Felt Slippers

Felt Slippers

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Felt Balls

Felt Balls

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Wooden Masks

Wooden Masks

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Objective : 

  • To preserve Nepal’s rich artistic skills and craft techniques,
  • To promote the exportation of Nepalese handicrafts,
  • To motivate and support handicraft producers,
  • To sponsor professional training workshops where appropriate,
  • To promote handicrafts from different parts of the country, particularly from areas with lower levels of economic growth,
  • To locate traditional handicrafts from all regions of Nepal and promote their high quality products, and
  • To provide appropriate financial and technical support to craft producers

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