Requirement for New Singing Bowl Sets – Flower of Life Design

What the client wanted:

Our client wanted us to make a new art singing bowl, symbolizing the flower of life. He had come up with the idea of carving the symbol of the flower of art in the singing bowl,with the aim of giving more essence to the purpose of the singing bowl. He thought that such singing bowls would help him grab more customers in the market and grow his sales.


What we did:

After discussing the requirement of the order with our client, we then set up a team and discussed in what way we could convert his visualization into a beautiful product. We then designed the art and tried with a few sample pieces. We wanted the symbol to be more clear and visible, so we then discussed color combinations. White art in the black bowl would be more visually pleasing, so we decided to go for that color combination. We also added more art in the outer part of the bowl, which made the bowl look unique and beautiful at the same time. Besides, we also thought that the same art in the cushion would make the whole set look alluring and pleasant. So we made the cushion with the same symbol and made the final output.



Our client was happy with the final output. He was happy with our idea of the same symbol printed in the cushion. He reported that this set had grabbed quite a lot of clients exactly what he wanted. 


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